Starting a business in Cambodia consider as the right choice for a businessman to earn more profits and revenue due to many advantages, however, to which business to start remains miserable.

Talking about the Cambodian economy, a market opportunity is rated in high number, made business people more convenience to choose which is best and suitable for the current situation in Cambodia.

There are numerous market opportunities out there that will make it hard to choose which one to start since the gap of those opportunities remains tight.

However, in this article, I will derive simple information for you in each business opportunity to make you clearly understand to which you would like before you decide to start a business in Cambodia.

1. Real Estate

Most people in Cambodia nowadays undoubtedly focus on investment in real estate since the sector provides a high chance of profit. The issue of choosing the right house to live in poses a threat of owning debt to most locals and foreigners in Cambodia.

Generally speaking, to which location has the potential for development, the chance of increasing the price of those properties will be high. The same case has happened to the properties in Cambodia and this case has made people buy a secondhand house or seeking a house that remains at a low price.

In Cambodia, people often buy a house, located in a good place with a low price and they can sell it to other owners at a high price, so they can earn easy profit for themselves. In addition to this, it’s not the only house that on the trending list, but also lands.

2. Investing in Agriculture

Most Cambodian people still practice the traditional method of producing products from agriculture, including using animals, like the ox, rather than tractors, led to a lack of supply and spend much amount of time as well.

Therefore, the investor should think about the possibility of huge profits to invest in the agriculture sector in various ways in Cambodia.

3. Beverage and Fast-Food Franchises

The franchise sector remains in small amounts in Cambodia which give investor or business owner big opportunity to invest their money into it.

There are only several most profitable franchisees out there in the world that make it possible to open in Cambodia, including 7-Eleven, Dunkin’, Planet Fitness, Taco Bell, and many more.

Beverage and Fast Food Franchises in Cambodia

Beverage and Fast Food Franchises in Cambodia

Just to notice, people in Cambodia love to spend their money on new things and trending things, so there will be worth thinking about those high probabilities of huge profit.

4. Transportation sectors

Cambodia is a developing country and most people don’t have their vehicle that brings them to long-distance, so invest in transportation is worth consideration for the investor.

In Cambodia, most taxi drivers, buses, and other private transportations remain in low standard to treat their customers. There are numerous complaints from customers to certain transportation service, including put people overcapacity, losing stuff, running slow, and so on so far.

However, there are also good transportation companies out there in Cambodia, but only a few companies that receive fewer complaints. So, it can indicate that the competition regarding this sector is low, but the profitable opportunity is high.

These four sectors are the opportunities for investors and business owners to decide which best and suitable for Cambodian society at present. The need for good business is to treat customers as their customers.

Source: Cambodia Time

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